Sarcasm and Social Anxiety at their best.

I’ve had a bad day.

Like one of those days where I’ve just hated myself and all the uninformed decisions I’ve made through the years all just because I can’t get any interviews or get myself hired in the field I went to school for. I shouldn’t place my self worth on that but I do.
So I’ve been in bed all afternoon…
Very healthy.


Survey of /r/mensrights turns up pretty much exactly what you’d expect.

White, male, 17-20 years-old, and disconnected from reality.





TDS | 2013.05.13

yeah seriously fuck JJ he’s an asssssssssss

This actually makes me sad.

It makes me sad too.

I mean, honestly, doesn’t he realize how fucking shitty it feels to have someone say how much they dislike something that you love?  Like constantly bring it up, how much they don’t get it and how much they dislike it?  Particularly when that person is currently entrusted with the thing they’re railing against?  You’d think, as a self-proclaimed “nerd,” he’d be more sympathetic to just how fucking AWFUL if feels to have to constantly hear about how the thing you like is somehow unimportant to everyone else, that it’s too smart or too weird or too anything.

It’s not Star Trek’s fault that you couldn’t get it, Abrams.  Plenty of the rest of us did.

This interview is the reason why I didn’t watch into darkness.